Born into a family that first arrived in Denver, Colorado four generations ago, Dave has lived most of his life in the Denver area.  He is an alumnus of both Mesa College and Colorado State University where he was formally trained in both two dimensional and three dimensional arts. A portion of his education was even financed by the sale of his art.  

For the past quarter century Dave has been creating art in one form or another.  Illustrations, paintings, sculptures and even guitars have all felt the creative touch of both his mind and his hands. In addition to this formal training in the traditional aspects of art, he is also self-taught in other, not so traditional, aspects.  This diverse training reveals his truly unique and exceptional creative gifts.  His Bronze Sculptures touch the senses and reflect the emotions of life.  His paintings cover a spectrum that ranges from the serenity of moody landscapes to the motion that is conveyed in his abstract and surreal pieces.


  • Sculptures: Bronze
  • Paintings: Oil, Acrylic, Water Color and Ink
  • Surfaces: Canvas, Canvas Panel, Hardboard Panel, Wood Panel, Foam core panel, and ph balanced Watercolor Paper
  • Guitars: Fine hardwoods for solid body guitars, finished with nitrocellulose lacquer


“My philosophy on creating art is to always begin with the emotion, mood, or feeling that I want to express and then create a subject that will portray that emotion”

What some are saying about the work of Dave Garland and Garland Custom:

"Among the top bronze artists of our generation."

"The man knows attention to detail and a keen focus for perfection."

"Breathtaking - the reality that he is able to bring to life in his work."